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Better this way

“It’s a trick.” Her stare is hard and level. Ten years from now it will give some hapless swain a lot of trouble, but for now it’s focussed on the jar I’m holding. I’ve learnt to laugh at times like this, to say, of course it’s a trick, and wink. It’s better this way. Laugh […]

Only for her

An excerpt from Find the Lady, in which we find John in Paris … Without her letter, memories were all I had, and memories were no use to me in Paris that winter. After several fruitless days I took to busking, hoping to run into Serge in his enforcement role. I ran into a lot […]

The Unfortunate Permanence of Rule 16

Let’s just say that there are different approaches to this work, and leave it at that. I wouldn’t want to have to admit that my predecessor’s approach is one that makes me want to take Rule 16, bend it so far out of shape that its mother wouldn’t recognize it, and hang it round his […]

Find the Lady

Who is the girl currently calling herself Kathryn Blake? Where does she come from and . . . where does she belong? To her potential employer, collecting statements about this troublesome asset, one thing is clear: this lady is never the lady you expect her to be, she is the pea under the thimble, the […]

Hare and Hounds

Kate ran, choosing no direction, trusting to her luck and to the darkness. By the time she reached the wire she had more faith left in her famous luck than in the darkness that had seemed so complete from the doorway, for the promised cloud had broken, the night grew brighter around her with every […]

References – a Find the Lady teaser

Thierry Dupois? He’s a good man, though he might try to persuade you otherwise. He’ll tell you that he just drives trucks. Don’t let him tell you that. He’ll fall rather easily into what he calls his obedient muscle role – and you may find it convenient to allow that, now and then, because he […]

VisDare: Another glimpse of Khyre

When I surfaced in the muddy shallows, at the feet of a startled waterman, I knew that I had been right to go first to the priests, though I had gone for the wrong reason. I had gone because I could not conceal their mark much longer, and to reject that mark is the sure […]


A lot of what I’ve written recently has felt as if it should have been the beginning of something bigger, this piece especially so. It was supposed to be self-contained. It’s clearly a prologue. I’m posting it today as a promise – to myself as much as to anyone else – that, although Katie & […]


I saw her fall, and I can vouch for it that the fall, at least, was pure bad luck. Kathryn Blake has a reputation for overconfidence, and it’s not entirely undeserved, but I don’t believe that any degree of caution would have saved her from the unfortunate combination of a loose brick that looked sound […]

VisDare 21: Diverge

The joy of a vampire story is, the reader knows all the rules already. So here’s a bit of something for Angela Goff’s #VisDare, and this one leaves you to do most of the work yourself. It had been a month. They had taken away the horses, and their harness with them. Around the hollow, […]


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