It’s good to be back

How did I forget this? The way I would feel when I finished final edits, I remembered that – the anti-climax and dissatisfaction that, for me at least, is the natural consequence of a prolonged period of focussing minutely on the weaknesses and recurrent faults of my writing. I expected that, this time. I can’t […]

Iain Shaw, a product of the Roadshow

I’ve mentioned the Katie ‘n Pasha Roadshow once or twice – perhaps not here – the daydream I step into when I’m waiting for a train or stuck in a queue, the twenty year soap opera of Kathryn Blake and Pavel Tomeckova and the slow dance of their intersecting lives. Sometimes it’s directly useful, and […]

Tales by the Tree

I’ve been an intermittent presence here recently, so it’s a delight to come back, not only with pictures and links (a proper blog, no less) but with an announcement that’s far more exciting than I expected it to be. Although I didn’t link to them at the time (what with my stated views on premature […]

The reinvention of First Chapters

Last time that I mentioned First Chapters, they were just a discovery site: long samples of selected indie novels followed up with sales links and handy sharing buttons. As of this week, First Chapters is also a shop. It’s quite a little shop at the moment, but that’s because it’s very new. It’s actively recruiting, […]

A postcard from revisions-land

I usually have a head start on names (real world names, at least – don’t get me started on fantasy names, just remind me if I ever start a new world again to steal all the names from Finnish, or Basque, or some other language for which a list is readily available), mainly because I’ve […]

Writing and not writing

Unless I’m being more than averagely obtuse, a good friend has been angling for me to say something about the development of satisfyingly complex characters. I hope it goes without saying that I am extraordinarily flattered by the idea that he might think I have anything noteworthy to say on this subject. I’m not sure […]

The A-Z Book Survey

There’s this meme  going round. I don’t think I’ve ever taken part in a meme before. Author you’ve read the most books from: Hey, what happened to starting with an easy question? I read a lot of library books in my teens and twenties, so the answer to this might be Nicholas Fisk, Dick Francis, […]

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