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An essay into steam punk for the #DirtyGoggles Blog Hop … do go and see the other entries on the link … and if you have something of your own that might suit, there’s still a few hours to polish it up if you want to enter. Title: Stolen Word Count: 790 Handle: @alexbrightsmith Category: […]

Must try harder

I’m really not a consciously analytical reader, and that’s a shame. There are a few books, books that I’ve known for a long time, books that I’ve read again and again (books like Nevil Shute’s Lonely Road, for example) that I’ve actually thought about enough, over time, to write a bloggable review of. There are […]

The Hatfield Venus

“She’s a Venus Anadyomene.” “A Venus Anadyomene?” She smiled indulgently at my ignorance. “Venus rising from the waves. An impeccably proper subject, and a popular one – you can see why.” I flushed slightly. The reasons for the popularity of the subject were prominently on display, but my enjoyment of the view was dampened by […]


Caducus n. latin, inclined to fall Her fingers danced across the dusty soil, teasing, choosing, plucking. I might have doubted, for a moment, that I had found the Megan Riley I was looking for, but there was no mistaking her dexterity. I might be more used to watching her work on electronics than in a […]

This time

– tock. Tick-tock. Three beats from the watch of a stranger, momentarily within earshot as the crowd surged together. I stumbled blindly aside, heedless of how many feet I trod on, how many coffees I spilt, until I found, through chance, the solid, grounding stone of a balustrade beneath my hands. – tock. Tick-tock. Tick […]

After the tale has ended

The Tormaben say that when Tyvid Aratarran came back into the world he came as naked as a newborn and, like a newborn, wailing at his loss. We do not know what babies lose, when they come into this world of ours, that they mourn so bitterly, but Tyvid had lost his lady, the lady […]


I have picked up a project that has been on the backburner for a while, and as a result I am in a position to report that the Alex Brightsmith of six months ago – who it seems was far too busy to type up her notes – was an extraordinarily irritating person to transcribe […]


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