Bells, damn bells

Well, my dear, what could I do? I crammed on my hat and just ran. I’d laid everything out, of course, for an early start, and so as not to disturb poor George – when I thought of it I was quite glad the alarm hadn’t gone off to wake him too. I’d missed my bus, but there’s taxi rank nearby, and there was a car standing in. Such a look, he gave me; talked at me sympathetically all the way, and then gave me a card for a refuge! Honestly, my dear, I didn’t know what to say. It’s clearly a work basket, not a suitcase. How he took me for a woman in that kind of trouble I couldn’t guess – then.

Two hours early! No wonder he looked askance, but I swear the church clock struck six. Oh, my dear, and the canteen not open for tea …

 To find a photo of this accidental early bird with her hat crammed on, and to see how other people have interpreted her history, follow the link to VisDare.


2 comments on “Bells, damn bells

  1. Wow. I love how the entry doesn’t overtly mention the knitting or the empty chairs, but still highlights the awkwardness and the waiting spotlighted in the photo. Great entry!


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