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References – a Find the Lady teaser

Thierry Dupois? He’s a good man, though he might try to persuade you otherwise.

He’ll tell you that he just drives trucks. Don’t let him tell you that.

He’ll fall rather easily into what he calls his obedient muscle role – and you may find it convenient to allow that, now and then, because he makes men nervous in a very useful way – but don’t let him stay in character too long.

Make him think, because he can think, and make him talk to you, because he’s a quiet man, and the quiet man, as you know perfectly well, sees more of the game.

And above all, don’t take what they say about him in Bordeaux too seriously. That’s only because he knows how to keep his mouth shut, and God knows we can use all the men we can find who know that.

 find the lady words copy

Thierry Dupois, close-mouthed though he is, has plenty to say in Find the Lady, available from Smashwords in all major ebook formats.


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