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VisDare: Daddy loves you

Carl tried to warn me about the book, but I couldn’t see the harm. Polly wanted it so much, and I wanted so much to win his child round. “All little girls play at magic spells,” I told him, “she’ll grow out of it.” But she didn’t, and I didn’t win her round, either. She […]

VisDare: Memory

It makes me shudder, that picture. I suppose that sounds odd, when I keep it in my office. Perhaps I keep it here because it was taken on a perfect day, a day I’d been allowed to tie my hair back any old how, and spend time with my father. Yes, he loved his butterflies. […]

Find the Lady

Falschspieler, Gerard van Honthorst  Photo source I feel it’s time, I can say it: Find the Lady is coming soon. And what is Find the Lady? Haven’t you been listening at all? No, humour me. Find the Lady is the second Kathryn Blake novel. And the first would be? The first was Viennese Waltz, a […]

A postcard from revisions-land

I usually have a head start on names (real world names, at least – don’t get me started on fantasy names, just remind me if I ever start a new world again to steal all the names from Finnish, or Basque, or some other language for which a list is readily available), mainly because I’ve […]

Ms deVere regrets

Dear Ms Jones I feel that I owe you a personal response to the question that you asked yesterday evening, though it is a response that will displease you as much as it embarrasses me. The question was not, I understand, meant for my ears, and I apologize for my unintentional eavesdropping. As you may […]

The Last Dragon

On the eve of Tinker’s Dawn we had been stranded at Hardain for eight nights, and no one could tell us when the boats might move again. Up to ten days of ice was common, we gathered, perhaps more, perhaps less. The ice might even thicken, and this prospect pleased our hosts, who would hold […]

Bells at Christmas

If you must have a name for her, then you may call her Bella. It is not her proper name, but it is close enough for – the suggestion would earn you the shadow of a smile from her –  close enough for government work. Only a shadow of a smile, because this is not […]


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