#Smashwords31 Arbitrarily defined period 15

On Goodreads this was posted in time for my self imposed midnight July 31st deadline, but – forgive me – I couldn’t face putting all the links in again, and I took the RSS feed off a few months ago so . . . 

Well, I didn’t give up, but I did get distracted – flash fiction games, my first smartphone, ducklings . . . you know, stuff – so, without further ado, the home straight:

22: Familiar by Carol Ratchenski is one of those nice finds, a book I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at if I hadn’t had a reason to be looking for something new. It’s coming of age story in a dysfunctional family, but immediately engrossing.

23: Masquerade by Susanne Alleyn just barely qualifies as a novella, a little treat to keep me going because I haven’t finished reading a story (other than flash, obviously) all month, and it played deliciously with my expectations all along.

24: Ode to Pete Rose by Samuel Cisneros is a book that reminded me that whilst, for me, most of the time, it’s all about the story, sometimes it’s actually all about the tone. I was just caught up in this, despite my at best borderline interest in either bildungsroman or baseball.

25: Deadly Benefits by Ryn Pitts is shaping up as a nice little medical thriller with a hint of something wider.

26: Nefarious North edited by Karen Blake-Hall is an anthology of crime shorts – so there’s almost bound to be something in there to tickle your fancy.

27: Still Life With Murder is by P B Ryan, yes, that PB Ryan, bona fide award winning PB Ryan, just to remind you that Smashwords isn’t just for Indies. As I keep saying, you’ll be surprised what you might find.

28: Bob Moore: No Hero by Tom Andry is something I’ve been avoiding this month – it’s funny. Knowing I was going to have to read a lot of first pages to find 31 books I liked (I’m picky), I didn’t want to do anything to make the odds longer, and humour’s so personal that I know if I looked specifically at comic novels I’d be looking all the longer. This slipped under my defences because it’s primarily a detective story, set in a world where superheroes are a fact of life, and it had me quietly grinning to myself on the bus.

29: Xenolith by A Sparrow starts intriguingly, and I’m tantalised by just what it’s going to turn into.

30: The Birthday Dragon by Polo Shawcross is billed as scifi but reads as fantasy, and nicely matter-of-fact fantasy at that, with an honest , everyday tone.

31: Falling Night by Lee Larsen seems to be something vampirish with small-town teenage protagonists. I’m not sure of much more than that yet, but you may have gathered by now that that’s just the way I like it.

So there we are, 31 books – novels, anthologies, novellas – from Smashwords that I’m not embarrassed to link to. If I haven’t included yours, I probably didn’t realise you were on Smashwords – sorry. If there wasn’t one book in all that lot you were willing to take a chance on, well, I tried, and I’m glad I did. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go away and read something cosy and familiar that I already know. And then I’ll start on my new reading list.


4 comments on “#Smashwords31 Arbitrarily defined period 15

  1. Thanks for the nod on Deadly Benefits!


  2. Thanks for adding Nefarious North!


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