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The A-Z Book Survey

There’s this meme  going round. I don’t think I’ve ever taken part in a meme before. Author you’ve read the most books from: Hey, what happened to starting with an easy question? I read a lot of library books in my teens and twenties, so the answer to this might be Nicholas Fisk, Dick Francis, […]

VisDare 34: Fearless

Lillibet darling, eating until you explode is not a plan. It isn’t even a strategy. Not a useful one, anyway. Yes I know, darling, it was all too terrible, but it won’t get better for brooding on it. You must simply brazen it out – no one can mention it unless you do. Well what […]

VisDare? Indifference

My face aches, but I compose a smile, knowing that if I fail to force it into my eyes it will be no more than a mechanical baring of the teeth, first cousin to snarl. It seems to satisfy the photographer, and it would be harsh to fault him for that. I know too well […]


A lot of what I’ve written recently has felt as if it should have been the beginning of something bigger, this piece especially so. It was supposed to be self-contained. It’s clearly a prologue. I’m posting it today as a promise – to myself as much as to anyone else – that, although Katie & […]

Nah, that can’t be right . . .

Having been forcibly reminded recently that a certain balding young man who turns up in the news fairly often is not, in fact, about my age (he can’t be: I remember the hoopla that surrounded his own birth too clearly), I’ve also been reminded of something that was brought home to me whilst I was […]

VisDare 32 Through a glass, differently

Ma always told me that drink never solved anybody’s problems, and I’d never argue with Ma – except this once. It was the Farrell case that drove me to lunchtime drinking. Our perverse refusal to accept his confession to burglary only amused him. He knew that we had no case and that he only had […]

#Smashwords31 Arbitrarily defined period 15

On Goodreads this was posted in time for my self imposed midnight July 31st deadline, but – forgive me – I couldn’t face putting all the links in again, and I took the RSS feed off a few months ago so . . .  Well, I didn’t give up, but I did get distracted – […]


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