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Desperate measures

A Kathryn Blake fragment . . . The bar on the door could be lifted easily enough, if only she could find some item in the litter around her that was more than six inches long, less than one quarter inch wide and strong enough to take the weight. She would be walking straight into […]

Cat burglary

A Kathryn Blake fragment . . . She found herself on a broad landing, exposed and conspicuous. She had reached the central well of the house, and it was clear that the house had suffered. She had come out on the first floor, and two more rose above her. Where a chandelier might once have […]

Dandelions: an apology

But first, a thank you. The estimable @wombat37, of whom I am sure you are aware, has reminded me, indirectly, of something I had quite forgotten. He has caused me to think about the house where I grew up, which is a subtly different place to the house where my parents still live, and I […]

Trial run

A Kathryn Blake fragment . . . She moved out into the passage, silent without the appearance of stealth. The door to her left she knew led into the body of the house, and she saved it for future consideration. She had seen enough during the previous day to know that the far door was […]

An acceptable level of arrogance

A Kathryn Blake fragment . . . “You don’t think he’d lie to you?” She laughed. “You really don’t have a very high opinion of me, do you? Of course he’d lie to me, and he has – probably more often than I know.” “What, then? You’re confident that you can read him like a […]


A Kathryn Blake fragment . . . She closed her eyes a moment, the better to concentrate on the floor plans. Then she drifted back from the doorway, and ghosted up another flight of stairs. She worked on the next door as carefully as she had worked on the last, her hands as steady and […]

At what price?

A Kathryn Blake fragment . . . She shut herself into a cubicle and struggled to compose herself. She had almost succeeded, and a moment later would have been in the open room, when the outer door was flung open and a little drama played itself out for her. She did not need a word […]

First sight

Another odd fragment of fill with no plot to fill in between any more . . . She squirmed into the heart of the bushes, and considered the view. It was a small house, adequate for a family to retire to for a quiet season, hunting on their own land. It presented its working face […]

Kate on the wing

Here’s a piece I couldn’t bring myself to delete along with the rest of the draft it was in . . . She ran, choosing no direction, expecting blackness to enfold her at any moment. It was larch forest, old growth, sparse, the low limbs reaching out to her in the darkness, snagging the heavy […]


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